About Me

Up to 2006 I was as typical every male in his thirties. That is I was working, I helped my wife at home with shopping, cleaning, childcare, which was actually nothing special.

The breaking point was in 2007- when I lost my job and to get a new one I had to make a hard decision: either I leave the town I was living in with my family to search my luck somewhere else or I stay at home looking after our children while my wife will continue her career.

Accepting a role of a homemaker when your wife is going to be a breadwinner? One must say, its not the easy one especially for a man raised in traditional Polish family, in which those roles were completely opposite. Although this decision was dictated by many factors, the most important was the welfare of our children and providing them with total care and support 24 hours a day.

So here we are. 2015 – and eight years old practice in running the household… 

The man as the head of the family can and should take responsibility for their loved ones at the various levels of life. Homemaking is hard and demanding work, and children the most demanding employers. It does not bring measurable financial benefits, but shows a husband and a father in a different role. One can tell that this is a different perspective on the man. I’d like to see this website as a source of inspiration and advice for families who want to adopt such a model of life. 

In the nearest future I will start a blog, where you can keep looking for support and ideas.

I wish every Father to experience so much joy, satisfaction and great moments, as I have been feeling, what will surely make him sure that he has taken the right decision.


Yours Homemaker44



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