I have always dreamed to write a book . For a long time it seemed to be very difficult to realize. However, in the twenty-first century we have a great platform for communication and transmission of thoughts and ideas – the internet . Formerly man had to write the book , print , distribute among readers. Today one can do it, so to speak, in stages – through websites, instant messaging and blogs. Printed form is still great, but for the beginner, the Internet provides better opportunities of communication. So, I will use this opportunity to submit my ideas, thoughts and experiences to readers.

A few years ago, a global corporation introduced for their employees a program which activated men as fathers. The program envisaged the involvement of men in the role of the father for the benefit of the society. I’m very impressed with this company and their attitude (because the role of the father in the family should be meaningful) and then I came up with the idea to get more involved in this role.


Now, after several years of experience in the role the Homemaker, I appreciate the attitude of the company even more. I can also help other men to change their attitude and to start looking at this issue from a different angle.




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