Everyday shopping (fresh bread, meat, fruits, vegetables) and weekly (dairy, yogurt, spices, cosmetics and other with a longer expiry date).

Preparing meals: breakfast, lunch to school, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner .

Caring for a balanced diet rich in all the ingredients necessary for a child’s health.

Daily cleaning: washing dishes, folding clothes and toys.

Weekly cleaning – once or twice a week thorough cleaning of the entire house.

The great cleanup – two or three times a year thorough laying in closets, cleaning all surfaces, replacement of clothing (children quickly grow out of clothes, so you want to have in cabinets current size), replacement of textbooks and exercise books.


Health and Education

Help in studying – suggesting how to do a homework, supervise a study time and organization of school time.

Assistance in checking the knowledge and skills before the test or class work.

Participation in all school celebrations upon invitation and in performances at school and beyond.

Driving children to kindergarten, school and extracurricular activities.

Motivating to learn and develop their abilities.

Following the events at school.

Full care in case of illness of a child – doctors visits, watch timely dosage of medication.

Adjustment of diet in case of health problems after consulting the doctor .

Regular visits to rehabilitation clinics or specialists if necessary.

Rehabilitation exercises at home under the guidance of a doctor.

Other resulting from the child’s needs.


Exploring the world:

Visit to the playground.

Family tours in the city and surrounding area.

Reading books.

Playing together at home: blocks, puzzles, dolls, teddies, puzzles and other invented by children.

Watching television and surfing the Internet.

Visits to art galleries, museums, cultural centers, etc.

Other resulting from the needs of the moment, for example: concerts, celebrations, festivals, etc .

Paying attention, where they want to go and meet their expectations.





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