The Father


He is always with the children, plays with them, goes on tours, does shopping, prepares meals, helps in learning, takes care when they are ill. He is available 24 hours a day and does a lot of other things that are even difficult to call. By doing so he can to realize himself as responsible and loving man . 


They have full, 24 hours a day, care in case of any problems (health, school, etc.).

They receive a help in all aspects of their life – fun, food, tours, learning about the world, science and many, many others.

At any time they can talk to their parent of any, even the smallest, issues and shall receive an answer.

They are aware that their parent looks after them all the time, so they can freely play and learn about the world.

You can take your them in any place which they dream on – naturally this will depend on your financial possibilities.

They always have a something small to eat – ice creams, candies, yogurts, fruits and other, on condition that these are harmless to their health. 

A Marriage 

The woman can develop her career and perfectly fulfill her ambition, dreams and ideas. She can be fully flexible does not have to worry about the everyday life. She is completely relieved from all these little things connected to raising the children, and has a comfort to devote all her spare time to enjoy her motherhood.At the same time the man can look at many things from another point of view, raise his value as a human being who is open and modern. He can break down stereotypes and realize the idea of equality in everyday life.

                   By doing a job of the homemaker you can give pursue your dreams, passion and professional goals as well.

The condition is that you are fully committed to your activity and you treat this as professional work.

A self-discipline, organization of working time and consistency in achieving your objectives are the keys to success. One should remember that in this sphere the homemaker should keep an eye on all issues, because here you do not have a boss that tells you what to do and motivates you to do the job.

In other words you must paddle your own canoe. You are also independent and decision-maker.

It is worth remembering.



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